Selma Dress is designed to be a convertible dress. Just playing with Selma, you can get 6 ways of arranging the dress. Now, we also show you how to style it with other garments, turning Selma into the most desirable fashion piece.

So, you've had your Selma for a while now, playing with this dress is always so creative! We've been sharing many ways to style the dress and perhaps you got some inspo from there as well.

Now, we want to show you that Selma is also a great city dress! You can style it to match the occasion.

Play the video above and get inspired.

Styling Selma Dress






ERIKA PEÑA is a luxury resort wear clothing brand providing you with a top destination for resort, summer, vacation, bohemian dresses and maxi dresses. Erika Peña fashion brand offers a wide range of pretty dresses for women, ready-to-wear jumpsuits, gladiator sandals, tribal jewelry and fringe tassel earrings for all occasions.

All pieces in the Peña collection offer women clothing at its finest and reflect a high level of quality: each garment is handmade and hand-dyed with love and takes up to 15hrs of sewing time to create the voluminous tiers.

The collection’s goal is to invoke attributes to help you ignite your Inner Goddess and express your most genuine femininity.

Erika captures the Essence of Femininity in her fashion designs and shares it with the international community of women, our Goddess Tribe.

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