Happy New Year - Erika Peña

Happy New Year

Thank you for joining our Goddess Tribe this year and we hope 2022 is full of Love, Health, Abundance & many Blessings for all our Goddesses! ...

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Goddess Series: Kenza - Erika Peña

Goddess Series: Kenza

Hello Goddess! We are excited to bring you the latest interview and GODDESS SERIES episode featuring Kenza Barrada, the founder of a jewelry bran...

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Did you know that Erika Peña also has a Pinterest account? Our Pins have been getting a lot of love on Pinterest and we want to share the most EPI...

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GIFT IDEAS - Erika Peña

Erika Peña's Gift Ideas

Hello Goddess! Are you an Early Bird and a Late Night Owl when it comes to Christmas gifts?Erika has selected her favorite pieces for gifts and we...

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RITA EPIC - Erika Peña


Spread your wings with our Rita Maxi Dress⁠⁠ With a shoulder-baring profile this whimsical aesthetic invites hints of summer romance rendered in...

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GODDESS MINI 2 - Erika Peña


Make your mini goddess happy daily So the sparkle in her eyes can last a little longer... (Model wear RITA Mini Goddes)    (Model wear RITA Mini ...

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The Romantic Brielle Maxi in Orchid color - Erika Peña

Romantic Brielle Maxi Dress

Goddess!We're here to help you feel AWESOMEEvery Single Day  What Our Customers are saying:  Camilla "I have lived in my brielle maxi dress ...

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Top 5 Party Dresses - Erika Peña

Top 5 Party Dresses

The party season is YOURS!Let your Inner Goddess come to the surface with an Erika Pena's dress. Be the star of all parties this ye...

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Animale Outfit - Erika Peña

Ways To Wear Your Animale

Everything looks good when you're dressed in confidence.⁠⁠Express your playfulness and freedom.⁠   ⁠Our romantic Selma Dress embraces the Rock...

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